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Updated: Mar 4

Blame it on Conan O’Brien and Saturday Night Live.

Since the age of 16, Bryan Tobin has been in love with Broadcast media. He has had to overcome obstacles along the way including a lesser known disability called Sturge Webber Syndrome which caused him to have a stroke at age 11. He even readily admits that he has moments when his arm goes numb for 20 minutes at a time. Born in Newfoundland, he is the other Bryan Tobin… the first being the former Premier of Newfoundland. Undaunted, Bryan graduated from Carleton University wit a B.A. in Communications and later from Loyalist with a Post Grad Diploma in Sports Journalism and also from Algonquin College with a radio diploma. Ironically, we think Bryan is overqualified for broadcast and is better suited for podcasting.

There are a lot of podcast shows out there and a great deal of them are catered to a specific niche. What’s unique about Bryan is that his show doesn’t really have an overall theme. He will pick his guests simply because he finds something interesting about them.

Bryan's curiosity comes through his interviews; rather than a more structured question and answer type of exchange, Bryan's use of humor and organic conversation gives the sense that he and his guests are a couple of old friends catching up.

Bryan’s podcast is called Tobin Tonight and he has had some very famous people on his show including Ed The Sock, Bianca Andreescu and the late Bob Saget.

See below for the entire lineup or give the show a follow at or subscribe on your favourite podcast app.

Also subscribe to his You Tube Channel.



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