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Sugar Sammy: Back To Canada!

Sugar Sammy and I connected back in the early part of the millennium in Montreal. He would drop by CHOM for what was supposed to be casual conversation and promotion of his upcoming comedy shows. He was genuinely so funny he would stick around for multiple segments, talking locally... comedically. (That works really well with a radio audience) Since then, Sammy has been one of the hardest working people in comedy. He has conquered markets like Dubai, Lebanon, Paris, and Quebec. Sammy speaks and performs in 4 languages: English, French, Punjabi and Hindi.

A few years ago, Sammy appeared on Canadaland with host Jesse Brown who he went to school with at McGill. Jesse titled the episode, "What Is Sugar Sammy?", noting "Comedian Sugar Sammy might be the most famous Canadian you haven't heard of." Sometimes is feels that way when I tell my friends about him who only get their comedy from Netflix.

What is striking about Sammy, is how calculated his writing is and how he can zero in on the things that churn our blood. Nothing more so than the 2014 billboard campaign when he poked all of Quebec's sensitivities in his marketing. (re: Separatism) Sammy put up a billboard in English which is a Quebec no-no. (spoiler: He got the fine)

It has been nearly 10 years since Sammy and I have seen one another. He still might not the first comedian that comes to mind in English Canada or the U.S.A. but the upcoming tour is going to change that. He has a slew of dates ready to roll in the coming months so please register for his SugarNation e-mail to find out when he is coming to a locale near you.


During the show, Sammy made mention of CTV's W5 documentary which you can watch below.

Here are the Canadian dates! Tickets here!

Winnipeg: Sept 6-7 Ottawa: Sept 13-14-15 Halifax: Sept 20 Moncton: Sept 21 Calgary: Oct 3 Edmonton: Oct 4 Surrey: Oct 5 Vancouver: Oct 6 Brampton: Oct 11 Toronto: Oct 12

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