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Finding Out That Meghan Patrick is in The Mafia

Updated: 6 days ago

Country music superstar Meghan Patrick is in the Mafia. The Bills Mafia. Her love for the Buffalo Bills comes from her mother who is a Buffalo native. On game day, you can find Meghan hanging out Twitter conversing with other mafia members.

In this episode of You May Also Like, you'll hear what being a Buffalo Bills fan has been like through all the years of losing. managing her relationship with singer songwriter Mitchell Tenpenny (Who is a Titans fan), and what she Bill-Lieves will happen in the playoffs.

If you are not familiar with Meghan's music, now is a good time to connect to this Juno Award winner for Country Album of the year!

These days you can find Meghan writing new material and popping up on Instagram Live to play some of it. If you listen closely, you will be able to hear Meghan's Super Bowl prediction.

Meghan created a song to get the Bills Mafia riled up but sadly... they lost against the Bengals 27-10 in the AFC Divisional game.


There are a whole bunch of high profile Bills Mafia out there.

Two of my favourites include John Cusack and Wolf Blitzer.

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